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I'm a Solutioneer

Are you looking for solutions for your small business, well let me introduce myself to you. 

I have been fortunate to have led an interesting life. Living and working in over 10 different countries, and employed by some of the worlds largest retail groups at senior executive level, this has always led me to find the best solutions based on the situation and circumstances, and to be flexible. 

Being flexible and agile is what gives a company the ability to grow, whether a large corporation or a small business. The key is about knowing and implementing growth strategies that are right for your business, but as a small company this can often be a challenge, your company may possibly consist of only you, and your time is valuable. 

Well here is the first solution, get in contact with me and let’s have a chat about your business and your aspirations for it, I am sure you have some projects that you would like to get off the ground. It could be that I am just a sounding board for them or I maybe able to assist you fully.

Talk to me, and let’s see what solutions we can find for you!


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What I Do

With over 30 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Property Development, Finance, IT and HR, I can offer you affordable services across a wide selection of business areas.

Don’t spend your valuable time looking for a specialist, let me support you and if I cannot do it, let me find the specialist for you.

Business Planning

Would you like some guidance on making your business more efficient and productive. Quite often as a small business your procedures will be based on how the business grew over time. As a seasoned operations manager I can offer advice on putting new smart procedures into your daily routines and save you time and money.


Social Media, Marketing, Creative these are terms that sound expensive or confusing to some. Well fear not if you are looking to increase your businesses awareness I can support you in this area. In addition  I can build and host a website for you at extremely competitive pricing, on-call to help you when you need it.

Growth Planning

Starting out and wanting some assistance, or just need a fresh pair of eyes too take a look at your existing business? That’s what I am here for! Helping you realise your ideas and finding the solutions to make them real.

Driving Profits

Working hard and not seeing the rewards, Let’s have a chat about how you can realise greater profits. As a small business or sole-trader every penny is important. As an experienced business manager I can show you where your profits can be.

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