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"I've been around a bit"

Starting out at the age of 16 as a sales assistant at Burton Menswear in Commercial Road, Portsmouth. I worked hard and constantly chased promotion after promotion but at the same time picked the best routes too. I was the manager of their store in Jersey, Channel Islands for about 4 years and this gave me the confidence to just go anywhere. Fast forward a few years and I became and Area Manager for Topshop, Skip forward a few more years and a few more countries around the world and I was a Managing Director for a division of Thailands No.1 Retailer Central Group, running their expansion into Indonesia

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Much as it sounds like I have had an exciting career, and trust me it has been I have lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, USA, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Thailand and Vietnam to name a few, I have had to work hard and constantly develop myself and adapt to every different situation or role, you learn to think fast on your feet and always looking for the best solution. The solutions are not always easy to find and definitely not always my idea, but what I do without question of doubt is involve the people around me, so the solutions are based on local knowledge, practical experience, application and a little bit of Josh magic to get it moving along.



“How can this Retailer help me?” I hear you ask, you may just see a Retailer! but the reality is I know Sales, People Management, Purchasing, Merchandising, Product Development, Construction, Store Design, I.T., Distribution, Marketing,  Procurement, Finance, Management Information Systems, the list goes on and on. I am a hands on kind of guy, the type of person who will always try to find the in-house solution first before calling in a specialist, and that’s because it’s normally cost effective that way, but hey the smart guy in me also knows when to stop and call the specialist.



“So if you are so good, why are you not working for a big corporation still?” I might hear you asking, well that’s simple I am secure in my life, my kids are getting older and I like doing the things that make me happy. Helping people, and sharing my knowledge and experience gives me great joy, I don’t like being stuck in the corporate world, and enjoy the agile way that small businesses operate, it’s fun and fun is where I want to be.

From small seeds do mighty things grow

Strengthening your business can happen from the smallest of changes.

I could bombard you with sayings such as “a problem shared, is a problem halved” or “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” but instead let’s have a conversation and see if I can help you in someway and change ideas into reality.

might oak growing in a forest from a single acorn, great ideas come from small things - Solutions for Small Business

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