Driving Profits

wallet full of money, take care of the pennies and the funds will take care of themselves - Solutions for Small Business

With all businesses our ultimate goal is to be profitable, having worked in a corporate environment for a large part of my career gives me a wealth of experience in understanding a company balance sheet. If this is an area where you feel you need support in then please contact me for a confidential chat. Employing an accountant is often a necessity however their job is often just to ensure that you are tax compliant, dealing with cash flow and profits is very much down to you as the business owner and often is the can be the cause of a lot of stress both within the business and in your personal lives. With some good simple planning techniques these stress levels can be eliminated and additionally with a better understanding of generating profits there is greater opportunity to increase them.  

Talk to me about supporting you to deliver a more robust financial plan for your business.

  • Advice on what services to use such as self assessment versus accountant
  • Mentoring on good cash flow and profits
  • Support on basic book keeping for sole traders
  • Training on Return On Investment (ROI)

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