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Well it’s been a busy couple of months since I launched the site and I have been working with two clients on their projects as well as setting up an e-commerce site for my two daughters.

Lets start of with the girls because that’s been fun and I literally just put myself at the disposal, They have both been planning little business ideas for a while and about 6 weeks ago they bought some kits to make earrings at home and they are really great. So with their input and direction we got started, They cam up with a name ‘Theia Earrings’ after a greek god and I put together a logo for them and then set about building out the e-commerce site for them. It’s nothing fancy but they have already sold over £100 pounds worth of stock and this week are just about to launch their Insta Shop too, The great thing is they love it, it may be just a little shop but for them its an empire and what a great way for a 17 year old and a 13 year old to learn about business, cash flow, procurement, logistics, accounting and profit and loss. I am just in awe of them and so proud. What ever they do with it I know that they have learnt so much in the last 6 weeks that would take some people years to get to grips with. Well done girls and feel free to take a look at the site and buy so beautiful earrings.

The next project I have been working on is with a local Portsmouth artist Nigel Matthews, more commonly know as ‘Buzzard’. Nigel and I have been friends for years too many years in fact probably getting on for 35 now. Nigel does a variety of art and most recently is training to be a Tattoo artist, however he does a lot of caricatures for friends and he’s always doing these throughout the year and in between I guess he loves to draw famous people, it was this that got me thinking. I called Nigel up and suggested that he start pushing his famous faces artwork and we think we are on the way to potentially building out a great business model for him that will see good venues and hopefully drive peoples awareness of his amazing artistic skills. This is an on going project at the moment so can’t share to much information but well worth watching this blog for updates in the next couple of months to see it all coming together. In the mean time do take a look at his Instagram to get an idea of his work and here are a couple of taster images.  https://www.instagram.com/buzzardartist/ 

The last client I want to tell you about is a company called A&L General Building Ltd, I spoke with Andy the owner and we took a look at his existing website together and discussed his concerns and also I pointed out a few extras for him, so the brief was to redo the website and give it a better feel so that it actually looked like a building company not a property investor, secondly he wanted to get greater visibility for the website so I have just done some basic SEO work for him and help get a lot of Local SEO listing done on Google Maps, Bing Places, Etc, take a look at https://aandlgeneralbuilding.co.uk. In doing this Andy was discussing how he would like to shift more of his work on to driveways and patios, he’s currently been focussed on commercial work and property extensions with driveways and patios always playing second fiddle as he wasn’t securing enough work to push the extensions back. What I suggested was to launch a completely new company purely focused on Driveways And Patios with a effective website to support it and then push through with some controlled PPC advertising. Andy was happy to try this approach. What we have is the birth of ‘Hampshire Driveways And Patios Ltd’ a brand new company with nice responsive website https://hampshiredrivewaysandpatios.co.uk. I have also set up a portfolio of social media for him, local listings and the usual Google Maps, Bing Places etc. With the PPC advertising his company is showing up at the top of google daily and providing him with sufficient leads. We launched the website fully 3 weeks ago and as of today he has advance work of 4 weeks. Advertising spend is quite minimum around £100 – £150 per month.  Here’s a snap shot of the website.

These are the kind of project that I just love to get involved in, It’s not about just building a website it’s about offering ideas and new directions and then bringing it all together with the client so that they can realised they ideas and dreams.

Check back next month for some more news on the next few clients. 


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